Collaborative Efforts

AIME has a unique position in the engineering and scientific community.  It has legacy relationships between its 4 Member Societies and the larger engineering and scientific community.  AIME connects its Member Societies to sister organizations, resources, and collaborative efforts to work jointly for the greater good of the profession and society as a whole.

AIME's Member Societies come from a range of extractive industries, many of which provide current and new energy sources.  These Societies try to meet the global challenges of increasing demand and developing and using resources in a responsible, sustainable manner.  These challenges will require interdisciplinary thinking and systems solutions.  Over the past several years, AIME and its Member Societies have led or participated in collaborative efforts amongst the engineering and scientific communities that will help propel us to more effective and efficient solutions.  These include projects related to history, professional development, outreachsustainability, and carbon management.

AIME also hosts Member Society communities of practice meetings to encourage sharing of learnings and best practices to continually improve service to members.

Learn more about each of our Collaborative Efforts here: