About Us

One of 5 engineering Founder Societies...

Founded in 1871 by 22 mining engineers in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. AIME was one of the first national engineering societies established in the United States, and, along with ASCE (civil), ASME (mechanical), IEEE (electrical), and AIChE (chemical), it is known as an Engineering Founder Society. Together, the engineering Founder Societies form the United Engineering Foundation (UEF).

...with 4 Member Societies.

Representing nearly 200,000 professionals and students worldwide, including members of:

AIME's Mission is to support its Member Societies. We fulfill this mission by:

  • Exercising fiscal responsibility
  • Distributing funds
  • Facilitating interaction with the relevant scientific and engineering community
  • Honoring the legacy and traditions of AIME.
AIME's Vision is to honor our legacy as a valued partner with our Member Societies.


AIME's Values are:

Service to Others - We listen carefully, communicate openly and partner enthusiastically with Member Societies and the larger engineering community, supporting the needs of every stakeholder in a timely and professional manner.

Productivity - We plan carefully, prioritize and focus resources on quantifiable value added. We scrutinize opportunities before engaging and assess outcomes in order to improve results.

Stewardship - We manage our investments and opportunities responsibly and are diligent stewards of all resources in order to realize the mission of AIME.

Team Relationships - We trust, appreciate and collaborate with each other as 'one team' to ensure organizational success. We respect our differences and communicate openly and honestly to bring out the very best in AIME and our Member Societies.

Tradition and Image - We preserve and enrich the history and traditions of AIME. We earn high regard as an indispensable partner to our Member Societies.

Innovation - We are forward-thinking and always looking for ways to better serve our Member Societies.