Key Links for the Profession


  • The Minerals Education Coalition’s (MEC) mission is to identify, produce and disseminate fact-based K-12 minerals education lessons and activities and to inform and educate the general public about the importance of mining in their everyday lives. Check out the Minerals in Our Electrical World Video Series
  • ASEE's Engineering: Go For It designed to build engineering awareness among middle school students and provide lesson plans, etc. for teachers, including blogs and a hardcopy magazine
  • eWeek video developed by 2012 sponsor, ASME
  • The National Academy of Engineering's (NAE)  Engineering Education Makes a World of Difference
  • The National Academy of Engineering's (NAE) Changing the Conversation Messaging to promote a positive, consistent image of the profession
  • DesignSquad, a television program promoting engineering via Public Broadcasting System (PBS) stations

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education

  • Transformations videos and teaching aids to introduce students to minerals, metals, mining and petroleum engineering. 
  • Minerals Education Coalition (MEC) for students, teachers, and the general public
  • Energy4me, for students, teachers, and the general public
  • Project Lead the Way, for middle and high school educators
  • StemEd Coalition, an alliance of more than 500 organizations to raise awareness with congress about the importance to this in schools to keep America competititve
  • NAE Frontiers of Engineering, where select emerging engineering leaders discuss pioneering technical work and leading edge research and network to facilitate collaboration in engineering and the transfer of new techniques and approaches across fields

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


  • The collaborative effort led by ASME, Engineering for Change, a forum to connect engineers and scientists to NGOs and local communities worldwide dedicated to improving quality of life
  • Engineers Without Borders USA, to connect engineers to volunteer opportunities worldwide


  • ASCE’s video interviews of engineers and other professionals on some of the most recognized engineering ethics cases in recent history (supported by a UEF grant) - view on youtube
  • The collaboratively developed anti-corruption video, Ethicana (see,  led by ASCE who also has associated training materials (contact Mike Sanio at