Raja V. Ramani

Raja V. Ramani - SME

Produced by AIME, 2024

Since moving from India to attend graduate school at Penn State in 1966, Raja Ramani remains an active retiree at Penn State 56 years later. Ramani has spent his life’s career with Penn State, where he has had the opportunity to explore all his interests. Ramani has had a continuously evolving career at Penn State, serving as Head of the Department of Mineral Engineering, working on multiple interdisciplinary research ventures, chairing numerous committees, and researching sustainable mining practices to combat health and safety hazards. Co-director of three centers of excellence, Ramani, believes in a research to practice philosophy, stating, “If it is not applied, then it remains a report on the shelf.” Ramani was appointed to eight National Academy of Engineering committees, setting the stage for their area’s future research, and has served on several expert panels for Federal and state governments. He has also served as a consultant to the United Nations, World Banks, the National Safety Council, and international mining companies. Ramani recounts his impressive career through admiration for his mentors and opportunities in SME and AIME. A recipient of many distinguished awards, Ramani is most honored by the recognition from his peers.