Ta M. Li

Ta M. Li - SME

Produced by AIME, 2022

Ta Li has enjoyed a highly successful and multi-faceting mining career. An AIME booklet inspired his interest in mining and metallurgy, eventually leading to a BS in Mining Engineering from Columbia University. He began his career as a production supervisor at Kennecott’s Bingham Mine. This position gave him a valuable foundation in communications & “people skills”, engineering consulting, construction, and contract mining. His passion for marketing and publications led him to a job as an assistant editor for EM/J. He eventually served as an editor and writer for Mining Engineering and other publications. He left publications to concentrate on engineering consulting and the junior mining company sector. Ta has also been deeply involved in professional associations. He joined SME while in college. He later served SME as General Member Services Manager, and then as president from 2001-2002. His many awards attest to his professional success, as well as his efforts to promote mining both inside and outside of the industry.