Sara Hornby

Sara Hornby - AIST

Produced by AIME, 2021

Challenging the stigmas of women in engineering, Sara Hornby has been a rebel in the steel industry. Hornby grew up in a military family, where her experience roaming the world – from the UK to South Yemen – influenced her type A personality. It is with this characteristic confidence she was compelled to study metallurgy and do what a woman “can’t.” Hornby has had an extensive career working for companies such as Air Liquide and INTECO, implementing new technologies in foundries across the globe. She has been outspoken in her career to push her ideas forward against adversity. Now the founder and president of her own consulting company, Global Strategic Communications, Hornby has become a role model and leader for women in the steel industry. Through her involvement in professional societies AIME, ISS, and AIST, Hornby promotes the advancement of the industry for the next generation. As an outstanding figure across the steel industry, her ambition and outreach into the community will influence and attract future professionals and women to the field.