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Diran Apelian

Diran Apelian - TMS

Produced by UC-Berkeley, 2015

Spending the first ten years of his life in Egypt, the next five in Lebanon, and then moving to America, Diran Apelian is a product of his diverse experiences. Apelian is accredited to transforming research universities and pioneering work in powder metallurgy, molten metal processing, and plasma deposition.  A professor of over 25 years at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Apelian is also the founding director of the Metal Processing Institute at WPI, where he helped establish an educational home for industry. The Sputnik Age sparked Apelian’s interest in materials and metals. He studied metallurgy at Drexel University and completed his doctorate in materials science and engineering at MIT. Apelian has spread his research to working on sustainable development issues concerning the recovery, reuse, and recycling of resources and materials. Apelian, a past president of TMS, gave the Distinguished Lecture on Materials and Society, where he emphasized the history of science and technology and its impact. Apelian encourages society involvement and emphasizes the importance of relationships and trust for building your career.