FIRST: Daniel Carvalho, Herbert Castro, Leonardo Demuner, Marcos Viana of Ternium Brasil (AIST)

Hunt-Kelly Outstanding Paper Award in

SECOND:  Borja Lopez, Innerspec Technologies, and Joseph Baczynsky, Whemco Steel Castings (deceased)
THIRD:  Sunday Abraham, Yufeng Wang, Randy Petty, Tony Franks, Tim Sprague, Gary Brown, Wesley Woods, Wesley Nicholson, Miles Haberkorn, Rick Bodnar of SSAB
FIRST:  "BOF Process Optimization and Technology Improvements at Ternium Brazil"

SECOND:  "The Next Generation of Mill Roll Inspection Systems: A Case Study of a New Inspection System”

THIRD:  "Slag Engineering for Phosphorus Removal in the EAF and Sulfur Removal in the Ladle”