Awards & Scholarships

1st Place: Tyamo Okosun, Yan Chen, Jiaqu Zhao, Bin Wu, Chenn Q. Zhou (AIST)

Hunt-Kelly Outstanding Paper Award in 2017

2nd Place: Suk-Chun Moon, Rian Dippenaar, University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia and Seong-Yeon Kim of POSCO, Gwangyang-si, Jeonnam, South Korea
3rd Place: Nagendra Singh, Timothy Candiano, and Dale E. Heinz of ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor, Burns Harbor, Ind., USA

- First Place, "Investigation of Co-Injection of Natural Gas and Pulverized Coal in a Blast Furnace," - Second Place, "The Peritectic Phase Transition of Steel During the Initial Stages of Solidification in the Mold," - Third Place, "No. 1 Battery Collecting Main Replacement and Roof Repair Project,"