Awards & Scholarships

1st Place: Sunday Abraham from SSAB Americas; Shaojie Chen, James Asante, Colin D’Souza, Aaron Cook, Geoffrey Franco, Kendal S. Dunnett and Shahrooz Nafisi, from Evraz Inc. NA. (AIST)

Hunt-Kelly Outstanding Paper Award in 2012

2nd Place: Bruce R. Forman and Jeff A. Thacker from ArcelorMittal Global Research and Development; Mehmet M. Yavuz from Middle East Technical University; and Thomas H. Tsai from Hunan Valin Steel Co.
3rd Place: Yun Li from U. S. Steel Research and Technology Center, Alexander Monson from U. S. Steel-Gary Works, Justin K. Novotny from Severstal, and Robert R. Rote from Midwest Instrument Co. (MINCO).

"1st - "Hydrogen and Nitrogen Control and Breakout Warning Model for Casting Nondegassed Steel,"" Past recipient of the 2011 Ladle and Secondary Refining Award for Best Paper. 2nd - "Optimization of a Submerged Entry Nozzle Design to Reduce Non-metallic Inclusions in Line Pipe Steel," Past recipient of the 2011 Continuous Casting Award for Best Paper. 3rd – "Quick Direct Tap at United States Steel Corporation’s Gary Works Q-BOP Shop," Past recipient of the 2011 Charles Herty Award for Best Paper."