Awards & Scholarships

1st Place: Roy Debdutta, P. Chris Pistorius, Richard J. Fruehan (AIST)

Hunt-Kelly Outstanding Paper Award in 2014

2nd Place: Nicholas A. Gregurich, Garrett P. Flick, Rudolf Moravec, Kenneth E. Blazek
3rd Place: Gisèle Walmag, Sèbastien Flament, Jurgen Malbrancke, Geneviève Moreas, Mario Sinnaeve

1st - The Effect of Silicon on the Desulfurization of Al-Killed Steels 2nd - In-Depth Analysis of Continuous Caster Machine Behavior During Casting with Different Roll Gap Taper Profiles 3rd - Development of New Materials Based on On-Site and Laboratory Evaluation Methods for Understanding Work Roll Surface Degradation