Awards & Scholarships

1st Place: Nozomu Oda, Yasunori Nozaki, Takumi Oohata, Paul Fleiner, Tatsuya Tokunaga and Hidenori Era (AIST)

Hunt-Kelly Outstanding Paper Award in 2019

2nd Place: James E. Bradley, Gregory Gabbert, Russell Mulligan, Garrett P. Flick, David Sena and Tyler T. Preall
3rd Place: Rachel A. Stewart, John G. Speer, Brian G. Thomas, Amy J. Clarke, Emmanuel De Moor

1st_ "‘State of the Art’ HSS Work Roll for Later Stands (F4-F7) in Hot Strip Mill Finishing Trains" 2nd_ "Automation Enhancements to Improve Steel Production, Yield, Quality and Cost at the Burns Harbor Steel Production Shop, ArcelorMittal USA" 3rd_ "Quenching and Partitioning of Plate Steel: Thermal Gradients and Microstructure Development During Quenching"