Awards & Scholarships

1st Place: Nicholas A. Gregurich, Rudolf Moravec, Kenneth E. Blazek, Michael L. Lowry, Kai Zheng, and Garrett P. Flick (AIST)

Hunt-Kelly Outstanding Paper Award in 2018

SECOND: Andrew J. Brown, Jason B. Sychterz, Petrus H. Bolt, M. Krugla, S. Sengo, and M. Rijnders, Alan Scholes, Eliette Mathey, Gisele Walmag, Olivier Le maire, and Jurgen Malbrancke.
THIRD: Daniele Tolazzi, Manuele Piazza, and Oliver Milocco.

1st Place: "New Pseudo-3D Dynamic Secondary Cooling Model Implementation and Results at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor"