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William F. Riggs

William F. Riggs (SME)

AIME James Douglas Gold Medal* in

For his significant expertise, and distinguished innovations in the development of customized flotation reagents, which continue to improve operations performance.

William Riggs attended UTEP in El Paso, Texas graduating in 1960 in Geology and Chemistry. He commenced work furnishing chemicals to the Uranium industry and later furnishing technical support to Copper & Molybdenum flotation. Then he built a stronger market in flotation for modified Fatty Acids, Fatty Amines, and Pine Oil. Afterwards he developed a market for Sodium Hydrosulfide, Ammonium Sulfide, and liquid Xanthates in Copper and Molybdenum flotation. This resulted in the application of Ammonium Sulfide for treatment of Molybdenite flotation and Alkaline Leach-Precipitation-Flotation of Copper Oxides. Later as a Director of Research he was Co-Author of the patent "Acid-Ferric Cure Leaching of Mixed Copper Sulfide-Oxide Ores". He then spent 21 years building OrePrep Chemical into a premier customized specialty frother company customizing frothers globally. After retirement in 2001, Bill formed Mentors International, Inc. to continue the technical support, process optimization, and flotation training worldwide. He remains very active.