Awards & Scholarships

Petri B. Bryk

AIME James Douglas Gold Medal* in

"For metallurgical leadership resulting in the widespread application of many new, environmentally acceptable, nonferrous processes including flash smelting."

Petri B. Bryk is a retired Managing Director and President of the Outokumpu Oy in Helsinki, Finland. A graduate of the Helsinki Institute of Technology in 1938 with a M.Sc. degree, he went on to earn his D.Ph.h.c. degree from Turku University in 1965 and his D.Sc.h.c. degree from the Helsinki Institute of Technology in 1967.

Dr. Bryk is credited with many new applications in the field of nonferrous metallurgy among which are: flash smelting of copper and nickel concentrates; production of elemental sulphur and pure iron oxide by flash smelting of iron pyrites comprising roasting of the ensuing iron matte; and treatment of anode slimes including recovery of high purity selenium. He has published several articles on the subject of flash smelting and has received 18 patents for his inventions in the field of metallurgy.

Dr. Bryk is a recipient of the Grand Prize of the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Gold Medal of the Finnish Academy of Technical Sciences.