Awards & Scholarships

J. Roy Gordon

AIME James Douglas Gold Medal* in

"For distinguished contributions to process metallurgy in the field of smelting and refining of nickel, and metallurgical improvements in nickel recovery."

J. Roy Gordon was born in 1898 near Kingston, Ont., Canada. He graduated from Queen's University in 1920 with a B. Sc. in Chemistry. From 1920 to 1929, Mr. Gordon served as Research Metallurgist with M. J. O'Brien, Ltd. In 1929 he was with the Ontario Research Foundation in Toronto, eventually as Assistant Director of Metallurgy.

In 1936, Mr. Gordon became associated with International Nickel as Director of the newly established Research Department at Copper Cliff. In 1941 he was appointed Assistant to the Vice-President of The International Nickel Co. of Canada; in 1946, Technical Assistant to the Vice-President; Assistant Vice-President in 1947, and Assistant General Manager of Canadian Operations in 1952. He was made Vice-President, General Manager and a Director of the company in 1953. The following year he was elected a Director of the company's U. S. subsidiary, The International Nickel Co., Inc., and, in 1955, Vice-President. In January 1957, he was elected Executive Vice·President of both The International Nickel Co. of Canada, Ltd., and The International Nickel Co., Inc. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the parent company.

Mr. Gordon is President and a Director of Whitehead Metal Products Co. of Canada, Ltd., and also a Director of Canada Life Assurance Co., Page-Hersey Tubes, The Toronto-Dominion Bank, The Toronto General Trusts Corp., and Whitehead Metal Products Co., Inc.

During 1943 and 1944, Mr. Gordon served as a Member of the Royal Ontario Mining Commission. He is a former President and Director of the Ontario Mining Association and was appointed a member of the Board of Governors, Ontario Research Foundation, in 1955. He was the recipient of the 1948 Medal of the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. In 195'5 he received an honorary L.L.D. from Queen's University. He has been a Member of AIME since 1930.