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Hal Williams Hardinge

AIME James Douglas Gold Medal* in

For His Inventions Of Apparatus For Fine Grinding Of Ores, And Achievements In Improving Practice In That Art.

Hal Williams Hardinge was born in 1855. He attended and graduated from high school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Later, he enrolled at the Colorado School of Mines, after working for a few years to earn money. He continued working as a prospector during his college years. Upon graduation, he founded a consulting practice that took him to most mining areas in the western United States and Canada. This vast amount of exposure to mining and milling operations enabled Hardinge to develop new devices to improve the industry. The results of his efforts are manifested in over 60 patents covering a variety of devices, ranging from a washer to his best-known invention, the cylindrical/conical grinding mill that bears his name.

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