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Richard J. Fruehan

Richard J. Fruehan (AIST)

AIME Honorary Membership in

In recognition of his life-long commitment to the iron and steel industry through distinguished service to AIME, ISS and AIST, and for his exceptional contributions to the fundamental knowledge of iron and steelmaking and to the development of new steelmaking technologies.

Professor Fruehan received his B.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and was an NSF post-doctoral scholar at Imperial College, University of London. He then was on the staff of the United States Steel Laboratory until he joined the faculty of Carnegie Mellon University as a Professor in 1980. Dr. Fruehan organized the Center for Iron and Steelmaking Research; an NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center, and is currently the Director. The Center currently has eighteen industrial company members, including those in the US, Europe, Asia, South Africa and South America. In 1992 he became Director of the Sloan Steel Industry Study which examines the critical issues impacting a companys competitiveness and involves numerous faculty at several universities. Dr. Fruehan has authored over 250 papers, two books on steelmaking technologies, co-authored a book on managing for competitiveness, and is the holder of six patents. He has received several awards for his publications, including the 1970 and 1982 Hunt Medal (AIME), the 1982 and 1991 John Chipman Medal (AME), 1989 Mathewson Gold Metal (TMS-AIME), the 1993 Albert Sauveru Award (ASM International), the 1976 Gilcrist Medal (Medals Society UK), the 1996 Howe Memorial Lecture (ISS of AIME), the 1999 Benjamin Fairless Award (ISS of AIME), the Brimacombe Prize (ISS, TMS, CSM) in 2000 and the 2004 Bessemer Award (Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (UK); he also received an IR100 Award for the invention of the oxygen sensor. In 1985 he was elected a Distinguished Member of the Iron and Steel Society and is an Honorary Member of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan. He served as President of the Iron and Steel Society of AIME from 1990-1991. He was the POSCO Professor from 1988-1997 and in 1997, he was appointed the U. S. Steel Professor of the Materials Science and Engineering Department of Carnegie Mellon University. He was elected a Member of the National Academy of Engineers in 1999 and was named the CIT Distinguished Professor of Carnegie Mellon University in 2004.