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Charles V. Millikan

Charles V. Millikan (SPE)

AIME Honorary Membership in

For his stimulating and outstanding leadership in the practice of petroleum engineering and his dedicated effort toward advancing petroleum technology from art to engineering; his witness to professionalism; his encouragement to young men in the profession; his unselfish service to industry, community and profession.

Charles V. Millikan, a petroleum consultant in Tulsa, Oklahoma, retired in 1961 after 39 years with Amerada Petroleum Company. He joined AIME in 1920, early in his professional career, and has worked extensively in the Institute and in the Society.

A native of Oklahoma, Millikan attended Oklahoma A&M, where he received a BS degree. After a tour of duty with the Navy in World War I, he attended the University of Pittsburgh, where he was awarded an MS degree in geology.

After three years of pioneering in oil evaluation methods in Ohio and Pennsylvania, he returned to the Southwest as a geologist and engineer for Amerada. A leader in the development of petroleum technology, he designed the apparatus and technique for measuring bottom-hole pressure. For this outstanding accomplishment, he was awarded the Anthony F. Lucas Gold Medal in 1944. This AIME presentation cited his "outstanding work on reservoir behavior and control.

Millikan's recognition of his professional obligation is reflected by the number of important posts he has held in the Institute. He was chairman of the Petroleum Division of AIME in 1930; member of the AIME Board in 1947-1952; vice-president of AIME in 1950-1952; and a Distinguished Lecturer for SPE in 1963.