Awards & Scholarships

James C. Gray (SME)

AIME Erskine Ramsay Medal* in

"For his contributions and achievements in the safe application of modern technology in coal mining and for his distinguished leadership in the coal industry."

Born in Elco, Pa., in 1904, James C. Gray graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 1925 with a B.S. in Mining Engineering. For twelve years thereafter, he was with the Hudson Coal Co. where he advanced to the position of Mine Foreman at one of its anthracite collieries.

In 1937, Mr. Gray joined the Tennessee Coal and Iron Division of United States Steel Corporation at Fairfield, Ala., as Superintendent of its Wylam mine. He progressed to Chief Inspector of its coal mines, Superintendent of Industrial Relations, General Superintendent of Coal Mines, Assistant Manager of Raw Materials, and Manager of Manufacturing Operations.

Mr. Gray was transferred to United States Steel Corporation headquarters in Pittsburgh in 1954 to become Vice-President - Operations - Coal. In 1958, he was appointed Administrative Vice-President - Raw Materials. A highly regarded member of the nation's mining fraternity, he has earned professional distinction by his continuing efforts to encourage and promote progress in all phases of the mining industry, and particularly through his leadership in the advancement of mine safety. In 1960, he received a Pennsylvania State University Distinguished Alumnus Award.

Active in many professional and civic associations, Mr. Gray was elected to membership in AIME in 1940. He served on its Board of Directors, was a Vice-President in 1962, and President of its Society of Mining Engineers in 1961.