Awards & Scholarships

Robert L. Puckett

AIME Environmental Stewardship Distinguished Service Award in 1999

"For his outstanding leadership in the development of recycling technologies in the field of heavy metals and industry wastes."

Robert L. Puckett is retired from GNB Technologies of Atlanta, GA, recognized as the world's largest industrial battery maker and a global provider of integrated power technology products and environmental services, where he was director of engineering. At GNB, Mr. Puckett's key accomplishments and innovations included chief design engineer for GNB's new lead-acid battery recycling facility at Columbus, GA. containerization of feed materials to significantly reduce employee exposure to lead dusts, elimination of waste water discharge through the crystallization of dissolved effluent slats and reuse of water in the process, granulation of secondary reverb slag to eliminate in-plant vehicle transportation and reduce ambient lead-in-air concentration. and reduction of solid waste slag volume from 30% of metal production to less than 10% of metal production.

Mr. Puckett obtained his engineering education at Miami University of Ohio and Ohio State University following combat in WWII as a Marine. He started his career with National Lead Company of Ohio as a maintenance engineer for a nuclear feed material facility and then moved to National Lead Industries in NJ, Western Lead Products in Indianapolis, and National Lead Industries in NY where he was chief engineer From there he went to Seitzinger's Inc. in Atlanta as vice president production and then to National Smelting and Refining, also in Atlanta, as president.