SPE President Contributions in the History of AIME
Date: November 02, 2020

SPE President Contributions in the History of AIME

View the short Did You Know video from AIME Past President Jim Jorden. 

SPE Presidents

For more details, visit the James R. Jorden Past Presidents page.

SPE Presidents jointly serving as AIME Presidents have made significant contributions to the Institute. Many have served during notable changes and events in AIME's history. Some of these Presidents are highlighted below. SPE Presidents


Carl Ernest Reistle Jr. served in 1956, the year before TMS, SME, and SPE formed into semi-autonomous societies from Institute branches. The AIME By-Laws were also re-written during his tenure. For more details, visit the Carl Ernest Reistle Jr. Past Presidents page.


John Robertson McMillan was President in 1968 when AIME established the Offshore Technology Conference. McMillan was president of SPE in 1954. For more details, visit the John Robertson McMillan Past Presidents page.


Leading the effort of the now four Member Societies becoming separately incorporated, Edward E. Runyan served as AIME's 1983 President. Runyan was president of SPE in 1975. For more details, visit the Edward E. Runyan Past Presidents page.   SPE Presidents  

George Sawyer saw AIME through its staff re-organization and office move from New York to Denver, Colorado, in 2003. George was president of SPE in 1989. For more details, visit the George H. Sawyer Past Presidents page.  


More recently, DeAnn Craig served as the first female president of AIME in 2010, leading the 140th-anniversary celebration. Craig was president of SPE in 1998. For more details, visit the DeAnn Craig Past Presidents page.  

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