Awards & Scholarships

Jennifer Lynn Walley-Carter; Eric Gratz Jennifer Lynn Walley-Carter; Eric Gratz

Jennifer Lynn Walley-Carter; Eric Gratz (TMS)

AIME Henry DeWitt Smith Scholarship in

The Ohio State University - Materials Science (1); Boston University - Materials Science (1)

Jennifer Lynn Walley-Carter. Receiving the Henry DeWitt Smith scholarship is a wonderful honor. I feel lucky to have been selected from all of my peers to be honored for my work in metallurgy. I have been a Materials Advantage member since 2007 which has opened me to the supportive, innovative materials community. I greatly appreciate the friends and colleagues that I have had the pleasure of interacting with at both MS&T and TMS conferences. Participating in community discussion keeps me excited for the advances yet to come in the materials community, and I look forward to staying involved for years beyond my formal education.

Eric Gratz. The Henry DeWitt Smith Scholarship is recognition that I am well established in the field of metallurgy. In addition the scholarship and the materials advantage student program have been great networking tools. Both of these programs have opened doors and opportunities that would not have otherwise existed for me. I am thankful for what they have provided and am looking forward to sharing my experience with others.