Oral Histories

Theodore F. Lyon

Theodore F. Lyon - AIST

Produced by AIME, 2019

One of six children, Ted Lyon, grew up in Southwest Pennsylvania as the son of an engineer who instilled in him an excellent work ethic and influenced him to become an engineer. Lyon studied at the University of Pittsburgh, one among many in his family to do so, and went on to span his career in the oil, metal, and materials industries. Lyon started his career in petrochemicals at Conoco and transitioned to the bulk metals industry with Hatch Associates. As the Hatch Associates Managing Director of Bulk Metals, Lyon has the responsibility of a third of Hatch’s engagement in the commodities business, particularly in mining and metals, around the world. Reflecting on his career, Lyon proclaims his biggest honor is having the opportunity to work in various industry sectors and leading diverse, multicultural teams for projects around the world. As Trustee and President of AIST Foundation, Lyon strives to mentor young professionals and encourage professional stimulation from professional organizations like AIME and AIST. Lyon states, “engineering is a lifelong education, and these societies offer the opportunity to continue your education past your formal university education.” To Lyon, being an engineer is about innovation, the responsibility to the public good, and designing and building sustainable facilities that progress the human condition.