Robert D. Shull

Robert D. Shull - TMS

Produced by AIME, 2023

Robert Shull has been leading cutting-edge scientific advancements his entire career. Growing up amidst national labs and the outdoors in Oak Ridge, Shull grew a fascination with the sciences and mathematics. Shull began to explore materials science while studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, doing his thesis work on mictomagnetism, or the interactions between clusters of magnetic spins. Understanding metallurgy and magnetism in alloys has been a focus of Shull’s career. Shull has led remarkable research, much like his father who won a Nobel Prize and hinted on the phenomenon of spin orbit coupling in his thesis. Shull expanded on his father’s thesis working to switch magnetic poles in the absence of a magnetic field. Not only did Shull contribute to discoveries during the high temperature ceramic superconductors craze, but he also led the United States’ nanotechnology initiative and was at the forefront of the nanostructured materials evolution. Through leadership and service in TMS, Shull has shared his passion for the advancement of science by bringing together communities through symposia and initiatives as TMS President. One of Shull’s greatest successes has been expanding educational opportunities for students of all ages. Beginning in a grass roots basement organization, Shull has grown the Adventures in Science program to NBS and NIST laboratories. Shull has not only advanced research in the materials science sector but has advanced the minds of young students.