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Joseph J. Poveromo

Joseph J. Poveromo - AIST

Produced by AIME, 2019

Blast furnace expert, Joseph Poveromo, has had a fascinating and rewarding career evolving from his Ph.D. thesis on iron-making fluid dynamics in blast furnaces to working for Quebec Cartier Mining Company and becoming an independent consultant. Poveromo began his career in 1974 with Bethlehem Steel and now he works for clients all over the world embracing the “biggest challenge of being a truly independent consultant”: to be willing to learn and go in different directions. Poveromo is a life member of AIST and has spent his career involved in professional activities. He emphasizes societies’ fantastic networking opportunities to get to know people and be exposed to what is happening outside your company. After becoming a Distinguished Member of the Iron and Steel Society and years of wishing to receive the most prestigious divisional award in ironmaking, Poveromo was awarded the 1998 T. L. Joseph award for a lifetime accomplishment in ironmaking. From blast furnaces, iron ore, and electric furnaces, Poveromo’s knowledge across many sectors and membership in AIST have benefited his successful career.