Donald R. Sadoway

Donald R. Sadoway - TMS

Produced by AIME, 2022

Donald Sadoway, a professor of materials chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has had an impressive career stemming from the influence of inspiring professors and his Ukrainian grandmother, who installed in him that to serve is a noble act. Pursuing service with a passion to change the world, Sadoway discovered engineering and has made valued contributions to the field of metallurgy. Sadoway emphasizes the importance of an idea, and it was his idea which led to the genesis of molten oxide electrolysis on his search for an inert anode. This discovery led Sadoway to a TED Talk, Time 100, and Colbert Report. Among research, Sadoway is also a passionate professor and has transformed his chemistry classroom into a link between the science, arts, and ethics. A TMS member since 1979, Sadoway notes the critical value societies offer for young professionals to present themselves and create a personal representation of their idea.