Awards & Scholarships

Marcus David Banghart (SME)

AIME William Lawrence Saunders Gold Medal* in

"For the development of new mining techniques and overcoming many operating difficulties, resulting in O'okiep and Tsumeb becoming low cost producers under his capable management."

Marcus David Banghart was born in Johnstown, Nebraska, in 1901. After a year at Montana School of Mines, he went to the University of Nebraska where he was awarded a B.Sc. in Geology.

From 1923 to 1927, he was with Anaconda Copper Mining Co. as Miner and Shift Boss. He then went to Portovelo, Ecuador, where he spent three years as Mine Superintendent for the South America Development Co. For the next four years, he was Mine Superintendent and Manager for the Lucky Tiger Combination Gold Mining Co. in Mexico, Nevada, and California.

Since 1934, Mr. Banghart has been prominent in the activities of Newmont Mining Corporation, its subsidiaries and associated companies. He was Manager of the Island Mountain Mines Co., in British Columbia; Consulting Engineer for that company; Manager, Berens River Mines in Ontario. In 1940, he was made General Manager of O'okiep Copper Co. and in 1953, Managing Director of it and of Tsumeh Corporation.

In 1954, he was appointed Vice-President in Charge of Operations for all of the Newmont-operated properties. He is President of the ldarado Mining Co., Vice-President of Dawn Mining Co., and of Resurrection Mining Co. He is a Director of many other companies both in the United States and abroad. He has been a Member of AIME since 1931.