Awards & Scholarships

Charles L. Pillar

AIME William Lawrence Saunders Gold Medal* in

"For his contributions to the theory and practice of block caving and for his role in the development and management of major molybdenum and copper mines."

Charles L. Pillar was graduated from the Colorado School of Mines in 1935. His first mining experience was in 1935 with Park City Consolidated Mines. In 1937 he started work with St. Joe Minerals Corp. During his tenure with St. Joe, which lasted until 1942, he received excellent technical and supervisory training in their Southeast Missouri operations. In 1946 he joined Magma Copper Co. as Mining Engineer. He progressed to engineer in charge of mine planning and later was made Development Superintendent. In 1957 Mr. Pillar was placed 1n charge of the mining operations reporting to the General Manager.

In 1965 Mr. Pillar accepted a position with Placer Development Ltd. in Vancouver, BC. as Assistant Vice President of Operations and was promoted in 1970 to Vice President Operations in charge of all Placer's mining operations in Canada, United States and Philippines. He left Placer in 1975 to start a mine consulting group in Tucson, and early in 1976 joined forces with J. D. Lowell to form Pillar Lowell and Associates. During the past 11-year consulting period he has worked around the world on many interesting and unusual mining projects.

Mr. Pillar has authored numerous articles pertaining to the development and management of mining properties for U.S. and Canadian trade journals. He is a member of the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and the Society of Mining Engineers.