Awards & Scholarships

Robert W. Hyland Jr. (TMS)

AIME Rossiter W. Raymond Memorial Award in 1994

For the paper "Homogeneous Nucleation Kinetics of Al3Sc in a Dilute Al-Sc Alloy"

R.W. Hyland Jr. (Bob) is currently a Staff Scientist with the Alloy Technology Division of the Alcoa Technical Center in Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Hyland earned BS (1981), ME (1984) and PhD (1989) degrees from the Department of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science, Carnegie Mellon University. His PhD thesis research was directed by Professor Hubert I. Aaronson and concerned the measurement of surface and grain boundary energetics in AI-Ag alloys in ultra high vacuum. In his current position, Dr. Hyland is actively involved in research into the kinetics and mechanisms of phase transformations in AI alloys.

He is an active member of the ASM/MSD Phase Transformations Committee of TMS-AIME, ASM and Sigma Xi.