Awards & Scholarships

John H. Hollomon

AIME Rossiter W. Raymond Memorial Award in

For the paper "Tensile Deformation"

For his paper entitled "Tensile Deformation" the first award goes to Captain John H. Hollomon of the Watertown Arsenal, Watertown, Massachusetts. Captain Hollomon was born at Norfolk, Virginia, in 1919 and completed his undergraduate work at M.I.T. His graduate study was interrupted to accept an invitation to take charge of the metallurgical work at Harvard University. In February 1942, he entered the Army as a 2nd Lieutenant and was assigned to Watertown Arsenal.

In this assignment, he has served as Chief of the Physical Metallurgy Section and been engaged predominantly on basic research in metals. Captain Hollomon has prepared some thirty-five technical reports, many of them confidential; and .in addition has been author or co-author of about twenty technical papers, several of which have been presented in A.I.M.E. meetings and most of which have been of outstanding scientific merit and brilliant contributions to modern metallurgical thought. He is author of a book now in course of publication entitled "Ferrous Metallurgical Design."