Awards & Scholarships

Harold Vagtborg, Jr.

AIME Rossiter W. Raymond Memorial Award in 1955

For the paper "Equilibrium Vaporization Ratios for a Reservoir Fluid Containing a High Concentration of Hydrogen Sulfide"

Harold Vagtborg, Jr. was born in Chicago in 1927. A few years later his family moved to Kansas City, Mo. In 1949 he received a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kansas. The same university conferred upon him an M.S. degree in Petroleum Engineering in 1953. While at· tending college he spent the summer vacations working for the Hewgley Drilling Co. and the Slick Moorman Oil Co. In June 1951 he joined the staff of the Pure Oil Co. Research and Development Laboratories at Crystal Lake, Ill., where he did research on sour crudes. He left this company in 1954 to work for the National Bank of Commerce and the Slick Oil Co., Ltd. of San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Vagtborg has been a member of AIME since 1951.