Awards & Scholarships

Lucas Rojas Mendoza (SME)

AIME Robert Peele Memorial Award in 2020

Laboratory demonstration of DPM mass removal from an exhaust stream by fog drops. Mining Engineering, 2017, Vol.69, No. 11, pp.55-60

Lucas Rojas Mendoza earned his BS in Mining and Metallurgical Engineering from Universidad Nacional de Colombia in 2014 and his MS in Mining Engineering from Virginia Tech in 2016. As part of his graduate thesis, Lucas conducted work on the control and monitoring of Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) in underground mines. Lucas joined ST Equipment & Technology in 2016 as a member of the process engineering group. Since then, Lucas has contributed to develop, advance, and implement the STET electrostatic separation process for processing of fly ash, industrial minerals, and other dry granular materials. Lucas coordinates daily pilot plant and laboratory activities in support of technical and business development programs. Lucas is also passionate about data science, languages, and running.