Awards & Scholarships

Donald W. Gentry

Donald W. Gentry (SME)

AIME Mineral Economics Award in 1998

"For his enduring contribution to the development of Latin America's minerals sector through work on mineral codes. laws, and taxation policies."

Donald W. Gentry is professor of mining engineering at the Colorado School of Mines (CSM) and president of Terra Nova Resources, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in international minerals-related activities. Dr. Gentry has served CSM in many capacities during the last 25 years, including department head and dean of engineering.

He received a BS from the University of Illinois, an MS from the University of Nevada and a PhD from the University of Arizona, all in mining engineering. Dr. Gentry has an international reputation as a mining engineer and professional educator. His special interests are in ·financial aspects of project evaluation, investment decision analysis, project financing. and corporate investment strategies. He has presented more than 55 short courses and authored more than 100 technical publications, including individual chapters in six major reference books for the minerals industry. He is co-author of the textbook Mine Investment Analysis, presently used in most mining engineering educational programs in the US and in many similar programs abroad.

Dr. Gentry is the recipient of the 1998 SME Daniel C. Jackling Award; he was the 1996 president of AIME, the AuslMM/AIME Distinguished Lecturer, and is a member of the National Academy of Engineering-Class of 1996. He was 1993 president of SME, is a Distinguished Member of ·SME, and the recipient of numerous other awards and honors. He is past chairman of the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET), and an ABET Fellow.