Awards & Scholarships

Richard J. Wilson (AIST)

AIME J.E. Johnson, Jr. Award in

For his outstanding contribution to the literature pertaining to the art of blast furnace smelting; and for his untiring efforts to disseminate the information gathered by his own pioneering for the benefit of the industry.

Richard J. Wilson was born in Chicago in 1925, attended St. Mary's College, Winona, Minn., during the U. S. Navy program, and graduated from Northwestern Midshipmen School in 1945.

He then entered the University of Minnesota, receiving his degree in Metallurgical Engineering in 1949.

Mr. Wilson then joined Inland Steel Co. as a junior furnace engineer. Following this, he served in various capacities in the blast-furnace field and, since 1955, he has been Assistant Superintendent, Plant No. 2 Division, Iron Production. In recent years, he completed the studies of the Inland Advanced Management Group, in addition to courses on liberal arts, offered to Inland Management through the cooperation of Wabash College.

Among the most noted of his published papers was, "More Iron Without More Furnaces", which he co-authored with C. M. Squarcy. Others are, "Effect of Particle Size in Blast Furnace Operation"; "Blast Furnace Operation with Humidified Blast." He has been a member of AIME since 1952.