Awards & Scholarships

R.D. Salmon (AIST)

AIME J.E. Johnson, Jr. Award in 1967

For his contribution in furthering the development of a Blast Furnace Computer Control Concept, and in refining and applying a blast furnace burden model that maintains a high hot metal production rate with improved quality.

R.D. Salmon is a native of Jewett, Ohio. He was graduated from high school at Clairton, Pennsylvania, and after two years in the United States Navy, entered Washington and Jefferson College from which he Was graduated in 1950.

Joining United States Steel Corporation at its Fairless Works during its construction, he held positions in the accounting and industrial relations departments until 1955. In that year, he transferred into operations and worked many positions including Coke-Iron and Sinter Division technical coordinator. He is currently assistant superintendent of the blast furnace department.