Awards & Scholarships

Raymond W. Sundquist (AIST)

AIME J.E. Johnson, Jr. Award in

For his ability as a Blast Furnace Operator in assisting in the development of new techniques and his contributions to the Blast Furnace literature.

Raymond W. Sundquist was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1916. In 1938 he received the degree of Metallurgical Engineer from the University of Minnesota. During the summer of 1937, he had worked as a laborer and rodman at the South Chicago Works of U. S. Steel Corporation. After his graduation, the same company employed him at their Gary Works as a practice apprentice in the Blast Furnace Department. In this same department, he advanced successively to special engineer, Blast Furnace blower, an assistant superintendent and superintendent. He then was promoted to Assistant Division Superintendent and, in 1954, Division Superintendent of Blast Furnaces. Mr. Sundquist has been a Member of AI ME since 1939.