Awards & Scholarships

Jagdish C. Agarwal (AIST)

AIME J.E. Johnson, Jr. Award in

For his valuable contribution of a new technique to analyze data obtained by use of blast furnace probes to understand better the complex reactions and conditions in a blast furnace, for his research in fluidized bed reactions and stove limitations, and for his contributions to the technical literature.

Jagdish C. Agarwal was born in Karachi, India, in 1926. He received aB.Sc. from Benares H. University in 1945 and was Top Graduate. In 1946, he became a U. S. citizen. From Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, he received an M.S. in 1947 and a Doctorate in 1951, both in Chemical Engineering.

From 1948 to 1954, Dr. Agarwal was with Vulcan Engineers, Standard Brands, Inc., and Blaw-Knox Company in various development design engineering capacities. Since 1954 he has been on on the staff of the U. S. Steel Corporation in the Applied Research Laboratory. He has published numerous articles and holds several patents in the fields of ore reduction and raw materials utilization.