Awards & Scholarships

Gust Bitsianes (AIST)

AIME J.E. Johnson, Jr. Award in 1955

For his paper on 'The Topochemical Aspects of Iron Ore Reduction" and his other contributions to the literature in the manufacture of pig iron.

Gust Bitsianes was born in Virginia, Minn., in 1919. A Ph.D. in Metallurgy was conferred on him by the University of Minnesota in 1951. Dr. Bitsianes is Assistant Professor of Metallurgy at this institution. Previously, he had been Junior Metallurgist with Inland Steel, and Research Metallurgist on the NDRC Project, University of Minnesota, the NEPA Project, Oak Ridge, and the Manhattan Project at M.LT. In 1952 Dr. Bitsianes received a Fellowship from the Jernkontorets Society, Stockholm, and visited the major Swedish iron and steel centers. He has been an AIME member since 1945. The award was presented to Dr. Bitsianes at the Metals Branch Dinner last evening.