Awards & Scholarships

Donald W.R. George (AIST)

AIME J.E. Johnson, Jr. Award in 1973

For his achievements in the use of Blast Furnace Hydrocarbon injection and the development of practices for various slag qualities.

Mr. Donald W.R. George is a Senior Research Investigator, Research Centre, The Steel Company of Canada, Ltd.

Mr. George received his M.Sc. degree in metallurgical engineering from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario. He was employed by The Steel Company of Canada, Ltd,. in 1956, in the Development and Special Duties Division of the Metallurgical Department. He became a member of the Research and Development Department at its formation in 1962. Since 1963, he has been involved in research in raw materials and ironmaking. In his present capacity as Senior Research Investigator, he is responsible for directing research in these areas. His most recent activities, which include extensive trials on a commercial blast furnace, have been directed towards maximizing hot metal production at Hilton Works, Hamilton, Ontario.

Mr. George is a co-author of several papers on various aspects of blast furnace practice, and a major contributor to several others.