Awards & Scholarships

Larry G. Twidwell

Larry G. Twidwell (TMS)

AIME Frank F. Aplan Award in

Through his teaching, consulting, and research efforts, he has contributed in the implementation of metallurgical processes resulting in more environmentally benign and responsible metals production.

Larry Twidwell is the Anaconda Distinguished Professor in the department of metallurgical and materials engineering at Montana Tech where he has thirty-five years of experience in teaching and directing research. He and his graduate students and coworkers have conducted research emphasizing extractive metallurgy and the application of extractive metallurgical engineering to the treatment of metallurgical wastes and by-products. Four books, 53 theses, 74 publications, and 72 national and international presentations have resulted from their research efforts.

Dr. Twidwell has received several outstanding teacher/researcher awards, e.g., the Montana Tech Lifetime Distinguished Researcher Award, 2002; AIME Mineral Industry National Education Award, 2001; Montana Academy of Sciences Mershon Award as Outstanding Researcher, 1989; Outstanding Scholar Award, Montana Tech, 1985; and Outstanding Educator Award, Montana Tech, 1970, 1971, 1973, and 1974. He has been active in SME, TMS, ASM, and ASEE and has served on numerous technical and education committees, chaired Alpha Sigma Mu, presented papers at numerous national and international technical sessions, and served for many years as key reader for Metallurgical and Materials Transactions.