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Theodore R. Blevins

Theodore R. Blevins (SPE)

AIME DeGolyer Distinguished Service Medal in

Theodore R. Blevins, a retired engineering consultant, is recognized for his expertise in EOR and steam operations. With more than 40 years of industry service and technical leadership, Mr. Blevins has worked as a reservoir engineer for Conoco, Chevron, and Occidental International, pioneering field applications of steam operations in California and Canada and consulting on EOR applications in the Middle East, Indonesia, and China. He is on retainer at the Western Research Institute for field testing of an electric downhole steam generator.

Mr. Blevins received the Thermal Pioneer Award for his steamflooding efforts. He has participated in numerous SPE activities since joining the Society in 1956, including service on the Board of Directors, Continuing Education Committee, Enhanced Oil Recovery Field Reports Committee, U.S. Council, Publications Coordinating Committee, and Western Regional Meeting, Improved Oil Recovery Conference, and Intl. Thermal Operations and Heavy Oil Recovery Conference program committees.