Saeed Al-Mubarak

Saeed Al-Mubarak (SPE)

AIME DeGolyer Distinguished Service Medal in

Saeed Al Mubarak, a very active SPE member since 1994, has worked tirelessly in various capacities including committees, sub-committees, technical groups, sections, mentoring, lecturing, and in organizing and steering workshops, conferences, and symposia. His contributions and activities span across local and international levels, technical and administrative, simple to leadership roles in the SPE.

Saeed Mubarak is currently an intelligent fields and petroleum engineering consultant at P&FDD, Saudi Aramco. He began his career in 1992 with Saudi Aramco, where he worked as Reservoir, Production, Drilling & Completion, Facilities, Knowledge Management, and Intelligent Fields engineer and specialist. He has led several important teams including the strategic team managing the intelligent fields in Saudi Aramco.  He is the founder of several successful programs, including P&FDD Academy and the P&FDD Experts Hub.

He was the chairman of the SPE Digital Energy International Technical Section (DETS) from 2017 to 2022, a member of the SPE M&I Advisory Committee, a member of the SPE International M&I awards advisory committee, and Texas A&M University SPE student chapter Industry Advisor. He has served on numerous SPE technical steering and program committees.

Saeed has served the industry in various capacities that span across local and international levels, technical and administrative, simple to leadership roles. He was an SPE international distinguished lecturer, a panelist, keynote or invited speaker, and discussion leader of numerous events held in 20 counties, including conferences, workshops, forums, symposia and social events. He is also recognized as a thought-provoking author who has published tens of articles to promote innovation and challenge conventional wisdom within & beyond the digital energy and intelligent field, including a book titled: “Any Version of History is Just a Story”.

His contributions to industry, specifically in the digital transformation arena, were recognized by renowned technical, governmental, and social authorities. He is recipient of several recognitions including the 2009 SPE Regional Management and Information Award, 2012 WorldOil Innovative Thinker Award, 2013 Saudi King’s Award for Innovation, and the 2014 SPE International Award for Management and Information. He also earned the 2011/2012 SPE Saudi Section "Community Service Award" for his contribution to Social programs. He was a finalist in the 2016 WorldOil Lifetime Achievement Award, the International 2019 SPE Distinguished Service Award, and the 2019 SPE Distinguished Member Award.

Saeed holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical engineering and a master’s degree in petroleum engineering, both from KFUPM.