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H. Arthur Nedom

H. Arthur Nedom (SPE)

AIME DeGolyer Distinguished Service Medal in

H. Arthur Nedom received his B.S. and M.S. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Tulsa and has been active in oil and gas exploration and development in many parts of the world.

A Distinguished Member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Mr. Nedom was President of the Society 1n 1 967 He has received the SPE Distinguished Service Award and has twice served as a Distinguished Lecturer for the Society.

Mr. Nedom served on the Board of Directors of AIME for six years and was the 1977 AIME President.

From 1977 to 1980 Mr Nedom was Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the American Association of Engineering Societies (AAES) and thereafter served on the Board of Governors and was AAES Chairman in 1981. An AAES Special Award and the Engineering Service Award were presented to him in recognition of his key role 1n founding the organization.