Awards & Scholarships

Samuel Frimpong (SME)

AIME Daniel C. Jackling Award in

For long term contributions to mining engineering education, research and professional development, and for his international recognition as an outstanding scholar in mining engineering

Frimpong is Professor Robert H. Quenon Endowed Chair and Dir. of Heavy Mining Machinery Research Lab at Missouri S&T. He holds PhD from the Univ. of AB (UofA), Canada. His research focuses on heavy mining machinery interactions with geological formations and impact on humans. His research results include 16 PhD and 20 MS graduates, three books, four book chapters, over 230 refereed journal and conference publications. Dr. Frimpong has been recognized with S&T Chancellor’s Leadership Award, Robert Quenon Endowed Chair, DOD Citation on Outstanding Contributions in Afghanistan, CPI’s Distinguished Lecturer Award, Award of Distinction by World Mining Congress, UofA/CIDA PhD Scholar, Life Patron of UMaT Alumni Association, Grand Award by NW Mining, UNESCO Fellowship, and SGMC Gold Scholarship. He is a member of APLU Board on Natural Resources, College of Reviewers for Canada Fdn. for Innovation and Canada Research Chairs Program, and ASCE-UNESCO Committee on Emerging Energy Tech. (and served four years as co-chair). He served five years on CDC-NIOSH Research Board and two years on Japan’s Global Warming Research Consortium. He is currently serving as (i) Editor-In-Chief, J. of Powder Metallurgy and Mining; (ii) Editor, Research, and Reports on Metals; (iii) Editor, Int. Journal of Mining, Reclamation, and Environment; (iv) Assoc. Editor, Int. Journal of Mining and Mineral Engineering, (iv) Assoc. Editor, Int. Journal of Mining and Mineral Engineering, and (v) Chief Editor for Mining Engineering at InTech Publications. He is a Registered Professional Engineer and a member of SME, CIM, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the Society for Modeling and Simulation International.