Awards & Scholarships

James Draper Francis

AIME Charles F. Rand Memorial Gold Medal* in 1951

Mr. Francis has been actively connected with the coal industry since 1915, and most of the development mentioned about the various companies in his history has been done since his connection with the Island Creek Coal Company and its affiliated interests. During that time the production of the Pond Creek Coal Company has been increased about three times, and that of the Pond Creek Coal Company and its affiliates has grown until the groups mentioned produces about 1-1/2 per cent of the total production of bituminous coal in the United states, and I think they rank third in total production.

Francis has had the supervision of these companies in every phase, but of course his main work has been in connection with legal work, and later with administrative and sales of these various companies. He has had a very active part in all interests of the company in connection with his locality and in connection with the industry to establish district sales agencies for the better marketing of the coal. His companies have been active in supporting research for the benefit of the industry.

There is no one that I know of who has been serving one group of companies as long as this And in as many capacities, and there is no other group of companies that has been as uniformly sufficient as these companies have.

In addition to his connection to the coal industry Francis has been an excellent citizen of his community in every sense of the word.