Awards & Scholarships

Herbert C. Jackson

AIME Charles F. Rand Memorial Gold Medal* in 1965

In recognition of his inspiring leadership and distinguished service as a mining executive who was instrumental in shaping the future of the iron ore mining industry and for his devotion to the youth of his community.

Herbert C. Jackson has been associated throughout his entire professional career with Pickands Mather & Co. following graduation from Yale University in 1916.

He has served in positions of responsibility with his company in administration and in operations, becoming a partner in 1942. As associate managing partner in 1955, he assumed executive responsibility of the entire organization and became executive vice president which position he still holds.

Mr. Jackson has had an active part in some of the biggest mining ventures ever undertaken including the Erie Mining Company, a $350,000,000 investment to process low-grade taconite in Minnesota. More recently he supervised the establishment of the Wabash Iron Company, a joint venture for processing low-grade iron ores on the Labrador trough.

Throughout his career he has encouraged active participation in professional organizations such as AIME, of which he has been a member more than a decade. He has served as chairman of the Board of Directors of the American Iron Ore Association and has just completed his term as president of the American Mining Congress. Mr. Jackson devotes much time to counseling and assisting the youth of his community as well as performing active directive functions in many civic and philanthropic groups.