Awards & Scholarships

George M. Humphrey

George M. Humphrey (ISS)

AIME Charles F. Rand Memorial Gold Medal* in 1947

For constructive leadership in establishing great enterprises for the production of iron ore, of steel, and of coal; for signal success in the administration of large organizations engaged in these industries so vital to the economy of our country.

The third outstanding mining executive to receive the Charles F. Rand medal since it was established in 1927 is George Magoffin Humphrey, president of M.A. Hanna Co. and chairman of the board of Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Co., largest producer of bituminous Coal in this country.

George Magoffin Humphrey has a splendid record of public and industrial service. As 1946 chairman of the Business Advisory Council of the Department of Commerce, he was key liaison man between the people's government and everybody's business. In this difficult office he aptly handled the fluid situation in the business world in a realistic manner. He was born in Cheboygan, Michigan, and graduated from the University of Michigan in 1912 with a degree of Bachelor of Laws. Until 1918 he practiced law at Saginaw. He started with M. A. Hanna Co. in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1918 as general counsel and was elected president in 1929. He is chairman of the executive committee of National Steel Corp., chairman of the board of Susquehanna Colliery Co., member of the executive committee of the National City Bank of Cleveland, director of Phelps Dodge Corp., chairman of the executive committee and director of Industrial Rayon Corp., and chairman of Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Co.

M.A. Hanna Co. and Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Co. are large factors in American industrial life. The former and its subsidiaries own extensive iron ore properties in the Lake Superior district and in a normal year ship seven to eight million tons of high-grade iron ore to be smelted in the blast furnaces near the lower Lake ports. Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Co. owns and operates 35 deep mines and eight strip mines in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky with an average annual output of 20,000,000 or more tons of bituminous coal.