Awards & Scholarships

Stewart Joseph Cort (AIST)

AIME Benjamin F. Fairless Award* in 1955

"For his leadership in iron and steel manufacturing which has made his company an outstanding producer in the industry."

Stewart Joseph Cort, the first recipient of the Benjamin F. Fairless Award, was born in Ogle County, Illinois, in 1881. Lehigh University awarded him a degree in Electro Metallurgy in 1906 and, in 1948, conferred on him the degree of Doctor of Engineering.

Dr. Cort's professional career began in 1906 in the open hearth department of the Duquesne Works of the Carnegie Steel Co. Three years later he was made assistant superintendent of the steel division of that same company. In 1916, he became superintendent of the steel division of the Cambria plant of the Midvale Steel and Ordnance Co. and in 1917 was made superintendent of the Saucon division open hearths at the Bethlehem plant of Bethlehem Steel Co., becoming, in 1922, superintendent of the entire Saucon division.

In 1928, Dr. Cort became general manager of the Sparrows Point plant of Bethlehem Steel Co. and in 1948 was elected vice-president in charge of the steel division. He has been a director of that company since that time.

Dr. Cort's record in the steel industry has been outstanding. While he was general manager of the Sparrows Point plant, the annual ingot capacity of that great plant was increased from 1,850,000 to 4,200,000 tons. The plant was also extensively diversified, particularly in respect to the lighter steel products such as tinplate, wire and pipe. He has had an unusual record in industrial relations.

Dr. Cort has always taken an active part in public life and has served in various associations of the steel industry. He has been a member of AIME since 1948.