Harold M. Griffith

Benjamin F. Fairless Award for Distinguished Achievement in Iron and Metallurgy* in 1962

"A steelmaker, a metallurgist, an operating executive, an engineering leader in basic developments of blast furnace burdening and in open hearth refractory and oxygen practices."

Harold M. Griffith was born in Clinton, Illinois, in 1904 and spent his boyhood on a farm near Lamar, Missouri. He attended Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy and Chicago Technical College, obtaining a BS in Engineering. In 1949 he participated in the Advanced Management program at Harvard Business School.

He worked in the Metallurgical Department of Bethlehem Steel from 1926 to 1930 when he was employed by Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation as Open Hearth Metallurgist, later working on various assignments in the Open Hearth and Bessemer Departments.

In 1936, Mr. Griffith joined the Steel Company of Canada as Steel Works Metallurgist. He rose successively to Assistant Superintendent, then Superintendent, Open Hearth; Assistant Works Manager, Works Manager, Assistant to the President and, finally, his present position as Vice-President in Charge of Operations. He was elected a member of the Board in 1959.

Mr. Griffith is a member of AIME and served as Chairman of its National Open Hearth Committee in 1950-1951.